My Photography

I’m Anand Goteti and I love landscape and outdoor photography. I wish to capture experiences and tell stories through my photography. I use creative post processing techniques to accentuate my images and achieve an emotional connect with the audience. If I can get a viewer to feel the rush of mountain air, the calm of a starry night or the sting of desert heat, I believe I have succeeded in my endeavor
If you wish to avail my services please email me at anandgoteti@kalanandam.com or press the below button to take you to a contact form

More About Me

I started my career as a Chartered Accountant in a multinational. After almost a decade of working as a financial analyst, I discovered my love for photography. I certainly cannot pinpoint a particular event in my life which led me onto the path of photography, but overtime I got drawn to strong outdoor imagery
Many a time I planned the family vacation to places, whose pictures I loved, in hope of capturing something similar. Alas, I failed miserably each time. With time, opportunity and after innumerable fails, I now manage to take and process images I enjoy
I guess the calling was always there, thanks to my wife Kala, Kalanandam is now made possible